Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seriously, Steal This Idea {Mystic CT Anniversary Photographer}

Is there anything better than a dream wedding day?

How about getting a special anniversary photoshoot with your love every year compete with a white dress, the original wedding shoes and accessories? Sounds dreamy right?

Melissa and Chris probably set the bar when it comes to romantic anniversaries since they go a step further and spend the anniversary in a different state every year, hoping to visit all 50 states on 50 anniversaries.  You read that correctly. {Swoon}.

Thus far Melissa and Chris have ventured out to Washington, California, and Colorado to celebrate another year of wedded bliss.  This Garden State couple decided to stay close to home as they were nearing the arrival of their daughter, so Connecticut was their choice for their fourth anniversary. 

We met at Mystic Shipyard West on their Friday evening anniversary.  The location was amazing and had the nautical feel that Melissa was after.  They even have a hall for weddings.  I would love so much to go back there for another shoot someday so I'll keep this place in mind. 

Melissa pulls out all of the stops each year, including original wedding shoes and accessories, a pretty head piece and of course a white dress!  Even as Melissa was 8 months pregnant, this couple was up for anything and we had a great time.

Look out Alaska!  This couple (and baby girl) are headed your way next year

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