Monday, September 24, 2012

Marty and Ben are Married {Rhode Island Wedding Photographer}

When I asked Marty how her and Ben had met, the story went something like this:  Girl meets boy through a mutual friend, boy was at the time involved with another girl, sometime down the road, boy and girl attend a concert with a friend, that cheeky (single) Ben stole a kiss from Marty at said concert....which brings us to Marty and Ben's wedding day at the Quonset 'O' Club.  That's the abridged version of Marty and Ben's love story at least,  but upon meeting this sweet couple, as their officiant said, "As you all know, this marriage is already done, we're just here to sign the paper", and that was quite apparent, even after meeting them for the first time.

Marty and Ben's garden themed wedding was unique, fun and full of personal touches, including a roaring rendition of the Isley Brother's song Shout on the packed dance floor and, of course, the centerpiece of any wedding, the dress.  Marty. Made. Her. Dress. By. Hand.  When asked what her inspiration was, she replied that she was inspired by reading Little Women and loved the idea of sewing her own dress (insert me swooning here).

I hope you enjoy and thanks for dropping in, Andrea.