Monday, June 25, 2012

Little A Turns Two {Rhode Island Children's Photographer}

This sweet little munchkin's mum contacted me to visit with little A as part of the celebration of this handsome little guy's second birthday, Mum also wanted some updated photos for A's modeling portfolio.  It was quite the celebration with family and friends and the cake, wow.  I'll get to the cake in a little while...


It was pretty hard to pick a couple of images to feature on my blog since little A was so photogenic, smiling and flashing those big brown eyes.  This session was also fun because there were several outfit changes, a bubble machine and much frolicking in the bubbles produced by said bubble machine!

This was potentialy the coolest looking cake I've seen (and I did work in a cake store in Montreal in my former life, so I've been around some pretty spectacular cakes).  It was created by Shermy's Cakery of Warwick. I didn't have a chance to accept the piece that was kindly offered, but the aroma was deeeelish.  Mum had the cake made based on a Russian cartoon that little A is fond of.

Happy Birthday A!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Worth It {Rhode Island Baby Photographer}

As a new-newborn, my own Baby W was only sleepy for about five days.  He was always so awake, alert, and hungry, and crying...oh, the crying.  I was in a fog, disoriented from the lack of sleep.  "Sleep when the baby sleeps" they say, but I just so wanted to cuddle and look at him, so much for that.  I missed out on getting photos of my sleepy newborn. 

Well, slow and steady wins the race.  All the ingredients were coming together nicely during a family trip to Orlando:  Baby is exhausted from travel, the excitement of seeing all the sites, and the humidity, freedom for me of all of the travails that I squeeze in during Baby W's naps, after all it is vacation. 

Enjoy photography of my dreamy...practically-a-toddler, eleven month old baby.  I think it was well worth the wait.   

Enjoy today.  A