Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Worth It {Rhode Island Baby Photographer}

As a new-newborn, my own Baby W was only sleepy for about five days.  He was always so awake, alert, and hungry, and crying...oh, the crying.  I was in a fog, disoriented from the lack of sleep.  "Sleep when the baby sleeps" they say, but I just so wanted to cuddle and look at him, so much for that.  I missed out on getting photos of my sleepy newborn. 

Well, slow and steady wins the race.  All the ingredients were coming together nicely during a family trip to Orlando:  Baby is exhausted from travel, the excitement of seeing all the sites, and the humidity, freedom for me of all of the travails that I squeeze in during Baby W's naps, after all it is vacation. 

Enjoy photography of my dreamy...practically-a-toddler, eleven month old baby.  I think it was well worth the wait.   

Enjoy today.  A


  1. Oh he is soo cute, lovely picture huni.
    I've got a few newborn photoshoots coming up soon, can't wait ;)

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